Plots, Progression and Rewards

To reflect the general consensus that the game should be somewhere between story-rich and balanced between story and sandbox, there are a number of plotlines resolvable through adventures that can be done alone or as a party, without the need for other players to react. Nonetheless, multiple groups of players may converge when exploring the same plotline, or indeed different threads of the same plotline. The plotlines are either Major and Minor; there are 3 Major plotlines and numerous Minor ones. GM’s are also encouraged to invent Minor plotlines as they see fit.

Major plotlines generally have far reaching relevance, take a longer time to fully uncover and escalate to greater challenges. Major plotlines will be built up of smaller modules which relate to the overall Major Plot and may change the experience of other players engaging with it. Although I have low expectations about the lifespan of this game, as with any ambitious online endeavor, the resolution of all 3 major Plotlines constitutes the ‘resolution’ of the game. In the odd event of a thriving game of players who wish to continue, it can be considered a soft ending if necessary; but like mortality, I think a definite ending makes one appreciate the bounded experience all more.

Minor plotlines should generally represent standalone adventures, which could certainly affect the world permanently through their resolution, just in more localized, lower intensity ways. More often, they represent avenues of player progression and good old gaming fun.

As part of a play philosophy, I’d like to keep rewards pretty consistent. So while practically players who have participated equally may diverge in exact amount of XP gained, they should expect to be pretty similar. Modules of a major plotline, Minor plotlines, and participation in sessions will generally have fixed/similar rewards associated with them, with less of an emphasis on ‘bonus’ rewards eg. for cool ideas or quality roleplaying. This is not because I dislike that approach, but a different GM application of such bonuses could end up arbitrarily favoring this or that particular group or person. If there is an overall consensus regarding specific conventions of reward giving, this entry will be updated to reflect that.

Plots, Progression and Rewards

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