Organization and Episodes

Players participate at their own scheduling in several ways. Primarily, a player might contact several players of the same character agenda/region, or with whom they are in some kind of semi-formal ‘party’, and attempt to organize a common day with a GM (who will have made their availabilities public). They can then hold an online session on this day. This entry will update to reflect the right place to go in order to join the pool of players or contact a GM/players to schedule a session.

In the likely event that GM’s and relevant players can’t co-ordinate an online session, the players and elected GM involved may have to resolve the adventure over play-by-post. This entry may update to reflect any play-by-post or real-time session conventions that may get agreed upon.

Sessions of less than 4 people should probably also be resolved over play-by-post, in order to preserve GM’s time.

Sessions occur within the framework of Episodes. An Episode is a semi-arbitrary measure that encompasses a period of time passing in the City. In an Episode, each player can participate in 1 session.

An episode might be held over two weeks of real time, allowing players to progress at the same in-game pace as everyone else so long as they are available and participate in a session once a fortnight.

Because sessions can take wildly varying amounts of ‘in-game’ time, GM’s should agree upon an upper limit of time. This would avoid situations where players might have an epic session in which they resolve a tense situation over a single night, but find a week has passed when the next Episode rolls around. If in-game episode length becomes standardized by consensus, this entry will be updated to reflect that.

Organization and Episodes

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