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Deep Harbour

This is a Chronicles of Darkness ‘Living World’. Its goal is to provide a single consistent setting for any number of players, rather than an instanced set of adventures undertaken by one group at a time. The setting in question in Greater Sydney, a well-populated, mostly metropolitan area of Australia. You may know it as the home of the Sydney Opera House, Funnel Web Spiders, Meat Pies or Sydney Harbour Bridge.

The game, by popular vote, is Hunter; the Vigil. I'll be using other books as resources, including the 2E updates in Mortal Remains. You can join the game as a Player, and take control of a single character; or join the game as GM, and mediate adventures for other players. It's a little early on for any formal application process, but if you'd like to join in as a player or GM, and/or have questions, express your interest by sending an e-mail to deepharbourrpg@gmail.com.

You can begin as a member of a Compact, independent, or part of a cell. If you have enough players on board, I'd consider a player-made compact. If you send an email, feel free to let me know which compact or other option you're considering, as membership may help me with decisions about distributing territory amongst the Compacts. Conspiracy level organizations may be present in-game, but are by their nature initially unknown.


A Living World is intended to provide an extra layer of player-to-player interaction and a communal persistent world. Some example situations that might crop up in a format like this might be:

  • The acquisition of firearms is Sydney is difficult due to strict gun laws, and all relevant companies like Tenix Defence or BAE systems are deeply affiliated with Project: VALKYRIE. Anyone not in their good graces who is looking for firepower is left with several dangerous and unreliable black markets
  • A Network Zero cell member is stuck with some incomplete clues that could shed light on strange Ignis Fatuus, which have been linked to the mechanical failure and subsequent shore crash of several harbour ferries. After discussing the clues on a Network Zero darknet, they are contacted by a Loyalist of Thule who claims to have similar clues that might benefit from being examined together. Though concerned at the compromise of their information network, and suspicious of the Loyalists as a rule, they agree to join resources to help solve the mystery.
  • Null Mysteriis have been ousting rival cells and compacts from the Inner West – by threat, bribe, persuasion or violence – with increasing fervor. Several ‘interests’ of the Ashwood Abbey have fled into the Inner West where the Abbey can no longer track them. They plan to hit Burwood by night in force and set up several safe-houses to get eyes back on the region.

Game Status: In preparation.


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